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July 5, 13,19 Aug 9, 16 and 23

7pm Monday’s

Focus and Impulse Control Classes are 6 weeks in duration and cost is $240.00 tax included

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What is Focus Work?

Developing Trained Focus


If you have a dog who works well at home but you struggle to maintain that connection in public?

If you struggle to keep and maintain your dog’s focus during training or in public?

You know you have been consistent in training and your dog knows all of the work, but he can’t seem to focus or stay engaged?

Play and training are two main components in dog training that have been underestimated

It is essential, in order to have a happy and well-behaved dog. But most important of all, by playing with and exercising with your dog, the VALUE becomes You!

How You ask?

By providing your dog access to fun. when you become the source of the play, your dog likes you more, pays you more attention and you have more control over other situations that have nothing to do with play. Teaching you the Foundation to understanding and developing trained Focus, which is, the process of teaching one’s dog to seek out for a chance to work.

This class WILL keep your dog connected with YOU!

Focus Classes are 6 weeks  $240.00 tax included

Focused Foundation Class for Puppies 10 weeks old - 5 months old

6 weeks

Get ready to have some fun in this Class!
>This class IS the foundation of our Focus Classes. You will be putting into place all of the fundamental behaviours and exercises that you can build on in your future The main goal in this class will be to learn how to engage your pup’s interest and maintain interaction with him in distracting settings. Your pup will learn to stay mentally connected with you rather than becoming intensely focused on the environment around him.

  • Heel and Front Positions
  • Mat Targeting and Hand Targeting
  • Sit and down commands,
  • give/drop
  • leave it/take it
  • Recall- learning to “turn and Burn” back to you
  • Leash manners – teaching your puppy basic heeling skills

Focus Class: for dogs 6 months old and Up

6 Weeks

This class is the foundation for creating Focus and Impulse Control.

It is high energy and will keep your dog focused on you!

You will be learning all of the fundamental focus and impulse control behaviours that you can build on in your future.  Your pup will learn to stay mentally connected with you rather than becoming intensely focused on the environment around him.

The Concept of Focus and Impulse Control

  • Heeling and Front Positions 
  • Releasing “Break”!
  • Mat Targeting and Hand Targeting
  • Recall(come) – Turn & Burn
  • Sit/Stays and Down/Stays -adding distractions
  • Give/Drop, Take it /leave it
  • Stay versus wait. What is the difference?
  • Learning Impulse Control with high value items

    Impulse Control

Impulse Control – Advanced Class for Dogs that have completed a obedience class

6 Weeks

Learning to inhibit and control their impulses is extremely difficult.  Dogs will learn that by being still, waiting and cooperating with us pays off very well.

This class is faced paced and high energy!  Music is playing, frisbees and balloons are flying , dogs barking, toys are flying and Owners and dogs are Focused and enjoying every minute of it!

  • Mat Target work- building on from previously focused foundation class
  • Hand targeting,
  • Distance stays and duration.
  • Advanced impulse control exercises for your dogs.
  • Recalls, Distance downs