Focused Private Training

The benefits are immense, we tailor each hour of training to your exact needs. Whether you would like your pet to stop barking, redirect that jumping energy, walk nicely on leash, or listen to you while off leash, leash reactivity, confidence building, focus and impulse training, Canine Concept can help.

Private sessions are especially effective at eliminating problematic behaviours, where they happen and when they happen. 

We can help with your pet’s idiosyncratic issues, from dog-dog reactivity, recall, crate training, impulse control, focus work 

Choose what training package fits your needs best.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your pet can learn obedience and tricks but most of all, you will learn to understand your pet, and they’ll learn to understand and listen better to you and build your confidence as well.

Some clients choose private training for their dog and on occasion I will suggest it. Whether you choose to have a consultation for welcoming a new puppy, refreshing obedience, a behaviour issue, lessons for agility, or private lessons in frisbee we can provide this to you. We use positive reward based training methods – no shock collars, choke chains or harsh physical corrections are used. Our motivational approach is customized for your individual dog. We offer private, quality training at our beautiful indoor and outdoor training facilities.

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Please contact us so we can help you decide what is best for your dog.

A focused dog is eager and willing to learn anything you want to teach.

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