Victoria’s 1St Community based league for dogs

K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League! 

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Begins July 31, 2020 Fridays for 5 weeks

6:30pm cost $40.00

The easiest, friendliest, new dog sport league, for anyone who wants to play, all you need is a dog and a frisbee and your on your way to a community of dog frisbee lovers

K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch League is open to anyone, of any skill level, even safe for reactive dogs!  If you play Frisbee or Ball with your dog, you’re more than ready to join the League. It’s a great way to get started in a team based, laid-back, family friendly dog sport that you play in your local community with other teams.

No experience necessary!


Join us playing on our local field, in a five-week battle to earn bragging rights as the top K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch Club in the World, in their country and in your province.

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Each K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Season consists of 5 weeks of Toss & Fetch competition between multiple disc dog Clubs from anywhere in the world in a fun, friendly and competitive league environment.

Each Club determines their own day, time and local field location for each five-week League Season.

On each Club’s weekly League day and field, all Club Teams (a Handler & a dog) play two (2) rounds of K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch to establish a Weekly Score for each Team. Scoring is cumulative throughout the five weeks and teams will be ranked in Weekly Standings based on their cumulative weekly scores.

Handlers can play with multiple dogs to form multiple Teams (handler & dog), but only ONE (1) Team per handler will score and count towards League Points — the Team with the highest final point total for any Handler. All teams will be scored and tracked in the Standings.

To level the playing field so that all skill levels are competitive and have a chance to score Club Points, we award Handicap Points for each week played based on the Handler’s skill, ability and experience as follows:

  • Junior Handlers: +10 points per week played

  • Handlers: +10 points per week played

  • Master Handlers: +5 points per week played

  • Expert Handlers: none

Mulligan Rule: At the end of each five-week League Season, the lowest weekly score (plus any handicap points for that week) will be dropped to establish each Team’s Final Score & Final Standing.

The Final Team Standings will determine Final League Points earned for each Club. Teams that Rank in the top 40% of the Final Standings (based on the number of unique handlers) earn League Points for their Club.

For instance, if a League Season has 800 Handlers competing;

  • 1st = 320 points; 2nd = 319 points; 3rd = 318 points; . . . 320th = 1 pt.

  • Tied Teams share points for all placements that tied.

Clubs will be ranked based on the number of points their teams accrue with the highest scoring Club declared that League Season Champion.

  • Club Tie Breakers: The Club with the highest placing Team between them wins any tiebreaker. Any ties keep rolling down till broken.

The object of K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch is to complete as many catches as possible, in bounds and within the Scoring Zones in the time allotted.

  • each Team plays two (2) sixty-second (:60) Toss & Fetch rounds per week.
    – Teams can select either end of the field from which to play each round. However, once a round begins, all throws must be made from the same end of the field.
  • Teams may opt to take only one (1) practice throw with their dog before they begin each round. A Team can switch to a different end of the field after a practice throw, but they don’t get another practice throw from the new end.
  • DISCS:
    • Any recognized dog-safe disc is allowed, including floppies. Ring discs are not allowed. If in doubt, check with your Club Captain.
    • Lure discs are allowed, however only only one disc, the same disc, can be in play in a given round. If you’re playing with a lure disc, try and make sure it’s a different color then the disc in play.
    • Before a round begins, handlers may hand the Line Judge a back-up disc in the event a disc in play becomes unplayable. Handlers must hand the unplayable disc to the Line Judge to switch discs.
  • Both Handler & Dog must be completely behind the starting line before time begins.
  • When a Team signals it is ready to begin, the Line Judge will announce, “Ready, Set, GO.” Time begins on “GO” at which point the dog and disc can cross the starting line. During each Round, the Line Judge will indicate the time remaining by announcing “30 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TIME.”
  • Handlers may cross the starting line after and between each throw, to retrieve a disc, encourage their dog, etc., but they must return to make all throws from behind the starting line.
  • After time begins, dogs can be anywhere on the field and are no longer required to be behind the starting line.
  • We follow “the Line is Your Friend” rules whereby Teams score Points for each successful catch based on where the dog’s trailing paw lands for each catch.
    • A trailing paw on a Zone line earns the higher Zone.
    • At least one paw must land in bounds or on a sideline, otherwise a catch will be out-of-bounds and scored zero.
    • Points for each successful catch are awarded as follows:
      • Zone 1 (10 – 20 yards): 1 Point
      • Zone 2 (20 – 30 yards): 2 Points
      • Zone 3 (30 – 40 yards): 3 Points
      • Zone 4 (40 – 50 yards): 5 Points
  • Any catches where all paws are past the 50 yard line will be scored out-of-bounds.

Air Bonus: An additional ½ Point Air Bonus is awarded for each leaping, jumping catch, determined by all four paws off the ground at the time, and then landing in a scoring Zone.

If a throw is released before the “T” in “time” is announced, a successful catch will be scored.
Close calls go to the Team.

Field Set Up and Scoring

$40 per team-   1 handler and 1 dog

If you have multiple dogs, you will create a team for each dog, first dog $40 multiple dogs $30 per dog after the initial dog.

So if you want to register 2 dogs you will register both dogs and 2 teams

Team 1) Handler + dog 1 = $40.00

Team 2) Same handler + dog 2=$30.00 for a total of $70.00

K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Registration

Handler/Dog team League Information
  • Please make sure you enter all your info correctly
  • $ 0.00 CAD
    **Please Note EMT Payment is Required at time of Team Registration