Agility Classes   ‘Foundations on the Flat’ 

Foundations on The Flat to Full course agility Training. Watch Now!

Foundations on the Flat – Watch Now

Confidence! Focus! Drive! Desire!  Impulse control!

Agility Foundations Covers everything from first introduction to agility elements to building amazing foundation skills, from perfect turns, to great distance, sends, speed, commitment, obstacle discrimination, come to hand, obstacle and handler focus.

Our foundation focuses on teaching cik & cap in order to get tight turns, and distance skills with extension and collection that are understood by your dog. Putting it into sequences to which is fun for both you and your dog.

Why do we put such importance on Foundation???

Foundation is everything when it comes to being a successful in the dog sport of Agility. Having a dog who knows their job, can work independently from their handler while still staying in a partnership with them. In this class you will learn how to make Agility a fun game for your dog, not a chore, and give them the opportunity to learn their job from start to finish.


If you and your dog have not taken a group class, we suggest you register for our Focus and Impulse Control Class prior to Agility Class as it is a very stimulating class and we ideally want your dog to focus on you during the class not other dogs!

Please Note***Agility Classes are Held in our Outdoor fully fenced Facility