Focused Dog Training

About Carolyn Cupido

What I love the most about dog training is that dogs don’t come with instructions. They work, learn and function differently and require us to understand, see and feel them as individuals. There isn’t one way that would work for all – I wouldn’t be in dog training if there was…  What I love the most about training dogs is that they all come with different challenges, strengths and weaknesses and that the most important part of dog training is to adjust to the dog you have and find what works best for your dog. You need to adjust the steps and even turn them completely around sometimes.

I learned to see problems as an opportunity to learn something new and I have to thank the weaknesses for all the strengths me and my dogs have as a team –

My two Australian Shepherds, Dutch and Porter actively compete in Agility and Disc (Frisbee). As with people, my dogs are very different in personality. Dutch is my easy going girl with a great sense of humour, very honest dog that loves to work and learn.  Porter my young male is a Australian Shepherd Stock dog, COMES FROM WORKING LINES.  He is an honest dog and comes with an intensity like no other, so very different than Dutch in personality. Porter is a serious dog, loves to work, his focus is undeniable, strong, confident and yet sensitive.

I’m not a perfect handler or a trainer, I know my weaknesses – and my dogs are not perfect either, I know their weaknesses really well. – And that’s exactly what makes us a perfect team. Embrace your weaknesses – and make them your strengths.

My life is dedicated to helping others achieve this balance with their dog – their best friend.

I attend a multitude of seminars each year to improve my training skills and knowledge base.

World Renowned Trainers I have Had the Pleasure to Learn From:

Karen Pryor – Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Nicole Wilde – Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Getting a grip on aggression

Brenda Aloff – Dog Aggression, Fear and Handling Courses

Sarah Kalnajs – Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Judge for Canadian Kennel Club Obedience fun tests

Jean Donaldson – Certified Dog Behaviouralist – Dog Behaviour:

Terry Ryan – Pet Dog Trainer, Legacy Canine Behaviour and Training

Melissa Heeter – Disc Dog World Champion and Professional Dog Trainer

Daisy Peel – USA World Agility Team

Jessica Patterson – Canadian World Agility Team May

Justine Davenport – Shape Up Dogs – 9x Canadian World Team

Barb Davis – AKC Agility World Team Member